How to save up to 80% of your cleaning time!

Using the latest Nano Technology, to penetrate surfaces that attract surface contaminants that are hard to clean, time consuming and hard work. Not only do we clean, we use Nano Shield to clean, rejuvenate and protect.
A far better and economical alternative than replacing.


Perfect for: Homes, Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast, Apartments,
Backpackers, Rental properties, Car and Boat Windscreens, Residential, Commercial, offices, restaurants, cafes, foyers, schools, hospitals, rest homes, Shopping malls, Boats large and small.
"Brian did a great job,I would not hesitate recommending him, honest and reliable and did exactly what he said he could do." – Wendy "The job was attend to promptly. The showers looks like a show room after the applications. It was very pleasant to deal with. Definitely will use the services again. Thanks Brian for making our future cleaning job super easy!" – Vincent – 4th Aug



Nanoshield anti slip sealer for concrete, swimming pool surrounds, paving and floors. Nanoshield polished sealer for stone and granite. We clean the surface with an environmental friendly product that kills moss, mould and algae.
We water blast and apply the Nano Shield concrete sealer to ensure it is protected
from the elements for years to come.

New Concrete

With new concrete, we protect with Nano Shield concrete sealer, so your new concrete will have years of protection.
You will have years of protection. There is always a little bit of maintenance required, this is as simple as using a garden hose to wash away any sign of algae that may appear.


Nano Shield Glass Sealer will provide a shield against water contaminants, soap scum, lime scale and any other form of contamination. Once treated, your only maintenance is to wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.

You will be amazed with the transformation, no need to replace your glass, it will look like new.
If you have a new shower; we give the glass a clean and then protect with Nano Shield Glass sealer
so your new shower will look new for years.


Stainless Steel in an outdoor environment is prone to lime scale, salt and tea staining. Nano Shield Stainless sealer will clean, rejuvenate and protect your stainless steel for up to 2 years. Will also work on iron, copper and most other metals.


Nano Shield Tile and Grout sealer will clean, rejuvenate and protect for years.
Grout can become unsightly with water staining, liquids and grime.
With Nanoshield Grout cleaner and shield protector, you can reduce cleaning time by up to 80%. Nanoshield has anti slip for wet areas.

The surface dirt can be easily wiped away with a dry micro fibre cloth.


Nanoshield Graffiti removal is a clear coating for concrete, metal, wood and painted surfaces.
Nanoshield graffiti removal is a protective coating to protect between the substrate and outer surface.
Removes graffiti without any harmful effects and will not damage painted surfaces.

We use the latest Nano Technology products
and equipment to clean, rejuvenate and protect.

A Nano coating forms a weave on the surface and is hydrophobic (water resistant).
When water contacts the Nano particles, it does not stick and simply beads off the surface taking any
contaminants in its path. The Nano protective layer is invisible on any surface.

"Brian has done an amazing job of coating our showers - they are so easy to keep clean, just a wipe is all they need now. I highly recommend his services and the NanoShield product." - Helen and Colin "Friendlly and excellent services! Thank you for making our cleaning job so easy. ^_^" – Angela
"Brian was able to transform our twelve year old shower boxes to like new. He was punctual and did an excellent job, so much so we recommended him to our friend who was equally impressed with the outcome." – Belinda "I share a common driveway which is very long with two other neighbours. I contacted Brian for a quote and after discovering that one of the neighbours took 7 hours to water blast 3/4 of the driveway, I thought the quote would be very expensive. Brian turned up with a machine that cleaned the driveway extremely well and the whole driveway was completed in 2 1/2 hours. I was very impressed with the price. Brian was on time and kept to the quoted price and time to complete the job. I highly recommend Brian as a trustworthy and very honest person." – Linda

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